We are thrilled to announce the publication of our latest book, The Power of Making Thinking Visible due out in April, 2020.  Since Making Thinking Visible was first published in 2011, Mark Church and I have continued to research the use of thinking routines and their impact on learning (we share both qualitative and quantitative data in the new book).  At the same time, we have been developing new routines to help structure, facilitate, and enhance learning and thinking. This companion book of new thinking routines draws on the work we have been doing in schools around the world and provides rich examples of the routines in action across multiple grade levels and subject areas.  We also articulate exactly why and how the practice of making thinking visible is so powerful  for teachers and students (see graphic to the right for a preview of these six powers).

We have to thank all the amazing teachers who let Mark Church and myself into their classrooms and shared their practice with us.  I hope that you will be as inspired by them as we were.    Once you have read and used the new book, we would very much appreciate your writing a review of it on Amazon to help get the word out.  If you have been or want to start using thinking routines to create a culture of thinking in your classroom or organization, this will be a useful resource and good place to start.  If you are already using thinking routines and want to deepen your practice and learn some new thinking routines, you will find this book a good companion.  You can also join us on The Making Thinking Visible Facebook page at the link and by pressing the “Like” button.  This will act as a forum for people sharing ideas about how they are using the strategies and routines.

Thanks to all the educators who have made Creating Cultures of Thinking, one the top selling books in education over the last four years.  It’s amazing to see how these ideas have taken off all over the world.  To see a history of the work that has led up to and contributed to the grounded theory and repertoire or practices of Cultures of Thinking, check out this Prezi presentation:  History of Cultures of Thinking.


Ron  Ritchhart                                              
Principal Investigator  for the 
Cultures of Thinking Project

Senior Research Associate
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Harvard Graduate School of Education

See Julie Rains sketch note of the 6 powers of making thinking visible Here.